Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it Free?

We do offer a free service which has limited access to the full website.

***We list what they can access via free membership***

On the Home page click the link for Registration. It is a form that will require a User Name, Password and email address
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A user is the person who opens an account and membership with Marks Family Legacy
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  • To use our website and app is to leave your footprint for generations of your family to come.
  • You’re helping alleviate the pain and loss of your loved ones.
  • To be still be there for your family beyond time and space.
A trustee notifies us of your passing and is then responsible for activating messages and other data.
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As a member you can leave anything from a message to a video. You may want to leave your favourite song or poem.
Only yourself and your trustee will be able to access your account and messages. It is up to you the account holder if you wish to give others your password. At Marks Family Legacy we pride ourselves on our confidentiality.
****Again i will write this when i know how we will do it.****
***Again i will write this when i know the answer.****
**Again i will write this when i know the answer.****
Your trustee will be responsible for updating the changes to numbers address etc.
This is your space to put on it whatever you want. It is user friendly. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to contact our staff who will be more than willing to help you with any problems or answer any questions.

If you go to the Contact us page you will find an email to our administration staff who will be more than happy to help you.
Click the link……… Our administration staff will be more than happy to help with any problems/questions you may have.

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